Off The Record was an idea, a platform to seek the best hidden gems of entertainment and show it to the world. OTR Network knew that more than anything. 

Off The Record was created as a passion project stemmed from working on On The Ropes Network. Founder Oscar Rendon would go around the St. Louis area interviewing musicians, artists, athletes & more and still does to this day traveling across the US for the next story, band, artist, etc. Creating a spotlight for these independent individuals and showing the world what they are missing. In just over a year, Off The Record USA has reached thousands of people across the globe from Germany, Canada, the UK, Australia, the United States and more. Many up and coming artists have been featured and are featured constantly along with well established artists you all know and love. 


Oscar Rendon | Host, Producer & Editor | oscar.rendon@offtherecordusa.com

Ray Dunmire | Account Manager & Editor | ray.dunmire@offtherecordusa.com

Advertising & Promotion | offtherecordusa@gmail.com

Off The Record USA

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