Salt Ashes (Album Review)


In today's music sometimes we hear too much sound that we lose the music, the voice trying to tell us a story or make us feel something real. SALT ASHES debut album not only blends electronic sound and music but makes sure to highlight her soothing and soft voice.

The album kicks off with "Save It" which immediately hooks you with the softness of SALT ASHES voice. The tempo starts to pick up and the song becomes a club song that would get anyone off their feet. Same can be said with "Somebody" and "Wilderness". 

"Sober" begins to play and you really start to feel the power behind her voice as the song quickly becomes and infectious pop tune that while feels upbeat the lyrics tell a different story. A story of struggle and the power to overcome. "Whatever You Want Me To Be" takes its time, leading in with fading sound of strings. ASHES voice is only boasted with the addition of the instruments as the song progresses with a beautiful melody from the piano. The album soars and SALT ASHES becomes a beacon of empowerment as song after song her voice grows. 

"Runaway" captures the soul of SALT ASHES with a slow ballad that shows us her vulnerability and powerful lyrics. The final track "No Sleep" gives finale to the album and allows for a breath after such emotionally draining songs before it. 

From start to finish Veiga Sanchez aka SALT ASHES truly delivers a diverse list of songs you can listen to for any occasion or situation. She will make you dance, she will make you cry and everything else in between. Off The Record can honestly say SALT ASHES (Veiga Sanchez) is one to watch in 2017. Have we only heard a taste of what will be a rising star in years to come? I think we have. 

The Grade

SALT ASHES Debut Album - 5/5