JW Sargent 'In Retrograde' (Album Review)


JW Sargent is an alt-indie singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Heading into his first solo project he is proud to release his debut EP 'In Retrograde'. JW Sargent had this to say about his debut EP, "In Retrograde is the illusion of moving backward when, in reality, you are making progress. That concept was something that I felt and dealt with a lot, not only in the context of making this record, but also in my life in general. Not only are the songs inspired by that feeling, but the album itself is a product of it. Making this record has been an incredible journey for me as an artist and has pushed to try new things in the name of growth and self reliance. It feels great to finally share these years of work with the world and hopefully these ideas resonate with others as they have with me.

1. Constant

The first song that introduces you to 'In Retrograde', Constant is a perfect ballad that highlights Sargent's soft and echoing voice. Constant knows what it is and takes it's time to deliver the gut wrenching chorus. Lyrically, the song is all too familiar with loss and wanting to hold on to the "constant" in our lives, love in particular in this quiet and dream inducing track. Constant can easily be heard on a films soundtrack and is good for radio today. 

2. Run

Forgive the pun but the guitars/strings at the beginning of the song are the hero as they hook you in before a single word is uttered. Sargent's soothing voice is almost reminiscent of Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. Musically the song takes me back to the mid 2000's when Alt-Rock dominated most music charts, JW might just be the resurgence we've been waiting for.

3. Ghost

Ghost is a more fast paced song that picks up as Sargent's voice glides through the lyrics. Probably the more underrated song on the EP, Ghost allows Sargent to play with the range of his voice and go to a higher octane. The music is more hard pounding and really amps up as one of the last songs on the EP.

4. Medicine

Medicine caps off the 'In Retrograde' experience. From beginning to end, the song feels like a goodbye or a conclusion to 'In Retrograde' which is fitting as the last song on EP. JW Sargent brings out the Alt-Rock in Medicine with his voice changing tones and really changing up the dynamic. Medicine definitely differentiates itself from the rest.

The Grade

JW Sargent has a great first EP with 'In Retrograde', with a great throwback of sound and feeling. Whether on purpose or just a spark of genius caught by accident, JW Sargent truly defines himself as an original in a sea of imitations and inauthenticity. His voice is strong and soft, and the music behind it all encapsulates a perfect book end to an already great debut EP.


Watch the official music video for 'Run' the single by JW Sargent

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