Ashland 'Wildfire' (Album Review)


Ashland is a Rock-Pop duo from the Illinois side of the Mississippi. Comprised of Aaron Wood (Lead Guitar) and Asia Woodward (Vocals) the two have overcome surmountable odds. Losing their drummer last fall and their bassist this past spring, the band kept going and released their first full length album Wildfire in March. 

Wildfire makes sure that right off the bat you are transported to a different world with 'Lights Out'. Asia's echoing voice keeps you entranced while the rhythm of the drums takes you up and down with the songs fast paced style. 'For You' truly shows off the tender side of Asia's voice as she softly sings the verses and only raises her voice ever so slightly during the chorus. Accompanying Asia's voice is the smooth and soft tone of the guitar, Wood truly adds rhythmic style to the song. Ashland have done a great job evolving with their music but not compromising their musical integrity. Songs like 'Closer' and 'Something Is Broken' remind you that Ashland are still a rock band that can write and perform at high octane level. 

Overall, Wildfire is one of the best debut albums to come out in recent years, you can listen to the entirety of the album and not want to skip a single song. The last album like that was Night Visions by Imagine Dragons. Wildfire has something for everyone, if you fall on the rock side of things then its the album for you, if pop is more your thing then its for you as well with many complimentary blends and mixes. You can pick up Wildfire in stores, digitally and on iTunes.

The Grade