Thirty Seconds To Mars "Walk On Water" (Track Review)


Today, Alternative-Rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars released their first single in 4 years "Walk On Water". 

Giving their fans a taste of what they can expect from their upcoming album, "Walk On Water" definitely toes the line between big arena rock while also commenting on the current political state of the country. From the moment you press play you get Jared Leto's voice at his best when he lets go of himself. If you have ever heard him live, his riffs sometimes give you a better understanding of his voice. "Can you even see what you're fighting for" is the first lyric from the song that immediately tells you what the message of the song is. At the top of the song you can hear the guitar humming just underneath the layer of Jared's voice. The percussion on this song keeps to the beat during verses and begins racing during the chorus. The gospel choir adds to the song as well, especially during the bridge as the song comes to an end. 

MARS, just like many other bands over the years have faced criticism for changing "their" sound. Not only has the band kept with the times but have also evolved. Their lyrics are some of the best in the industry as far as never taking the easy way out and just writing a generic love song. They comment on life, politics, love, fear, and that was only on the last album (LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS). The song has a cheeriness about that allows you to stand up and rock out or dance to it if you want to while also sending a message. 

The Grade