Thirty Seconds To Mars "Dangerous Night" (Track Review)


Dangerous Night is the follow up single from rock-band Thirty Seconds To Mars from their yet to be released fifth studio album. 

The second single from the unreleased album comes nearly 6 months after 'Walk On Water' debuted in late August of 2017. Fans of the band have been patiently waiting for an update on when the album would be released as the band has been teasing since last summer that "Soon". Instead, their diehard fans were pleasantly surprised to hear that the band had secretly released their second single from the rumored 'America' album title. Dangerous Night is different from most songs that the band has ever released. For one, the song is lighter in sound and can be called a romantic song. The song in nature is dark lyrically while wrapped in synths and bombastic electronic instrumentation. The song has one moment of what sounds like an acoustic guitar lucking the same 2 or 3 chords as the chorus begins to escalate to a bigger sound. 

"I, I am a man on fire"
"You, a violent desire"

The lyrics above are just one of the few verses that really make this song a dark tale of passion and want. Jared Leto really keeps the song simple but it's impactful and powerful. The song is romantic, dark, seducing, and yet you feel like you can celebrate the song because of the music. Overall the instrumentation is simple... basic, but it doesn't need to be more or less as its perfect the way it is. The lyrics are repetitive but visual, deep, and meaningful.  

The Grade