Shayla Souliere "Let Me Go" (Track Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | December 12th, 2018

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ABOUT SHAYLA | Shayla Souliere is a Singer/Songwriter from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is an aspiring young lady who is very determined to reach her goals and dreams. She has had some pretty amazing opportunities, in June 2011 Shayla had an opportunity to sing with Alyssa Reid during one of her meet and greets at one of the music festivals in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (Summer Invasion). In June 2012 Shayla was in a singing contest called "Edmonton Undiscovered" this was held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Twice a month Shayla would drive up to Edmonton one weekend was for rehearsal and the next she was up for the week to rehearse and compete. Shayla had a very unfortunate accident happen to her while she was competing in this singing contest. Shayla came home for a week and broke her rib which held her back from finishing the contest. Since then Shayla has been in many online contest with Giggs, Much Music and many more. In August 2013 she had the opportunity to be in touch with a music producer (Alex Cantrall) who has worked with many artists.

“Let Me Go” the single to singer/songwriter Shayla Souliere is a fun pop song but it also has a message and heart to it. It isn’t aimlessly trying to be something it’s not or a run of the mill pop track released every once and a while. You can tell she put a lot of care into the lyrics, melody and the overall tone of the song. What is so great about the song is the clear vocals, they never once get overpowered by the production of the song. The production is also executed so well and clean, it’s simple and fun. It has a great beat to move to or even just a song to play walking down the street or in the car. Overall, the song has a genuine sense of it’s self, great use of electronic percussion, and Shayla’s voice is the hero of the song.

The Grade