Camila Cabello 'Camila' (Album Review)


The highly anticipated solo album of Camila Cabello has finally been released and it's simply and adequately titled 'Camila'. After leaving a group with much success Camila's future in music was up in the air until she released her first single 'Havana'. The song garnered critical praise from Camila's peers, critics, and fans. 

'Camila' starts with "Never Be The Same" which swells you with Camila's voice starting low and slowly gaining the high and emotion we know can come out of her. The song pulls you in much like the lyrics tell us as Camila is fighting her feelings for a love she knows she can't run from. The chorus makes you feel that emotion and power from Camila's voice with the music and how it doesn't rely much on the synths but rather the drumming and beats that sound off the chorus that almost mimics a heart beat. "All These Years" slows it down with beautiful rhythmic guitar strings and bass, Camila's voice much more stronger but not overpowering the music playing. "She Loves Control" explores more of Camila's cuban sound mixed with the synths and pop sound we are used to hearing nowadays. It's fun and people can dance to it. The lyrics look at the strength, power and control a woman has and can have. "Consequences" is where we really get a raw feel and sound to Camila, the piano playing ever so gently but with purpose in the back. Her reflection of a bad relationship that left her feeling alone but remembering the good feelings that relationship left that she took with her. It's a great song to look reflect on life, decisions, and love. "Real Friends" is a very telling song lyrically, you forget the up beat guitar strings because you're too busy listening to Camila's voice and the words coming out of her. "I'm just looking for some real friends, cause all they ever do is let me down." This line from the song is very powerful read out loud but in the song she sings it so subtle and with sadness. "Something's Gotta Give" is the perfect display of the production put forth into a song, the synth and beats playing along with the piano give it a modern take on a ballad. Her constant struggle with letting people in and people always taking from her and her generosity. "In The Dark" is different from all the other songs, its more of a question. Who is she talking to? Herself or someone she is trying to get to know. The placement of the song is fitting, it shows her growth as a person and willing to learn from people and accept their flaws, including her own. 

Overall the album as a whole is very personal, feels like a glimpse into Camila and her life, her feelings and her self as a human being. While it has songs we can all relate to it truly feels personal and not necessarily about anyone in particular but her experiences. The writing is strong and sound like passages out a journal or diary. The music really enhances her voice, the message she is trying to tell and shows off her Cuban roots with the more upbeat/dance filled songs.

The Grade


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Camila can be purchased on iTunes, Googleplay and where ever music is sold.



Camila Cabello will be live at The Pageant in St. Louis, MO April 24th, 2018 for the Never Be The Same Tour.

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