Middle Kids 'Lost Friends' (Album Review)


Middle Kids are rapidly becoming the talk of the music scene. The Alt-Rockers from Sydney have been touring the states for almost a year now and are currently on tour in Australia before coming back to the US for their headlining tour in support of their brand new album 'Lost Friends'. Hannah, Harry, and Tim are among the many bands that breaking in the music scene in the United States playing festivals and slowly growing their fan base. We sat down and listened to their latest record 'Lost Friends' and here is what we took away. 


The 12-track album begins with "Bought It", slowly with very few chords from the guitar. The tempo begins to go faster as Harry brings in beat by beat from the drums. Tim on the guitar really rounds out the song as Hannah's soft yet emphatic voice brings the song to life. "Mistake" is the second song and the single from the album. Every new MK fan has probably heard this song and it's a great continuation from "Bought It". Hannah really shines the most in this song, ver voice really pushes the song forward. The lyrical content is raw and visual and catches the immediate attention of anyone listening. "Edge of Town" really takes it simple for the first minute or so before giving us a great guitar solo as the chorus finishes. So far the album builds itself, taking it's time and letting the listener settle in to their sound. Fourth on the album is "Maryland", which really slows it down even after the addition of the full band in the chorus. "The freedom I need, for infinity" is a great line in the song well highlighted by Hannah's voice. Tim comes in with the sweet and mellow guitar riffs that make it feel slow while keeping a good pace. "On My Knees" comes in fast with the rock and roll feeling. Fast guitars and and the drums slamming with the sticks. With a faster tempo you never lose sight that this is Middle Kids or that the song doesn't fit. "On My Knees" really breaks up the album in the middle and surprises us with something we can head-bang to or just groove to. "Don't Be Hiding" brings us back on track. "If I opened your wall up what would I discover?" is a wonderful line that gives the song meaning and purpose. Music and lyrics are sometimes open to interpretation but the band does a great job at visualizing the lyrics with the music. This song especially can be open to interpretation as the lyrics can be very personal and sometimes playful. The song reminds us of the end of the school year, maybe because it's May and music is transcendent this time a year and forms our summer. "Hole" gives us a great open with the piano. Hannah's vocals are haunting and yet as short as the song is it's perfectly executed. "Please" tows the line between rock and soul. We get our rock sound from Tim and Harry but Hannah add's a little something special in the middle of the song that makes the song unique and a great listen. Lyrically, with a song like "Please" there is so much you can write, and without sounding cliche the band really blend music and lyrics well. The title track "Lost Friends" starts somber and almost like a page out of diary. The lyrics feel especially personal, we can all relate to losing touch with friends and moving away. This song captures that feeling, recreating an atmosphere of youth with the guitar and drums roaring in the first chorus. "Never Start" continues the path that "Bought It" started, giving us these well written hooks and melodies. "Tell Me Something" sparingly use the heavy bass at the beginning of the song, and although jarring at first it begins to fade as the notes get higher. "So Long, Farewell, I'm Gone" creeps up at the last minute, the eerie one note from the piano insinuates the end which is appropriate for the last song on the album. The drums make their final stand and feel like they multiply as the song progresses with bombastic symbols being slammed. Hannah's voice really giving it it's all and fading at the end. 

Overall, the album Lost Friends by Middle Kids feels like a complete album. While a few songs are a bit repetitive they each however add something new to the layers of Lost Friends. Their songwriting is refreshing and feels like something new and old or a little bit of both which is great. "Mistake", "On My Knees" and "Hole" are some of the standouts from a great track listing. For their debut album, Middle Kids really gave everything and will only get better. 

The Grade


Middle Kids are on tour right now and will be at a town near you this summer! Grab your ticket's by visiting www.middlekidsmusic.com/tour and purchase Lost Friends, now in iTunes & Googleplay.