Cascadent "Neptune" (Track Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | October 3rd, 2019


ABOUT | Cascadent is a five-piece alternative/progressive rock band from Atlanta, Georgia consisting of Jonathan Lee (guitar), Samuel Freeman (drums), Jonah Volk (guitar), Brad Pallone (vocals) and John Samuel Mecum aka Jam (bass). Originating in 2016, the group began writing songs with original vocalist David Braden and playing shows throughout the Atlanta area under a different name. The band’s debut single “Aces Over Kings,” released in summer 2017, brought on an official name change to Cascadent. After the single’s release, Cascadent introduced new vocalist Brad Pallone, and in March of 2019 released two singles, “Into the Mirror” and “The In-Between” featuring Pallone’s vocals.

The perfect storm of intricate guitar melodies, hard-hitting rhythm, and catchy melodies, presented by Cascadent are complemented by their pulse-pounding kinetic live performance. They have performed with national touring acts such as Makari, Eidola, and Hands Like Houses. Their lyrics are charming, but not without substance, and range from being intimate and personal to songs that address topics like astral projection and the impact of living in a digital age.

In the fall of 2019, Cascadent plan to release two brand new singles, “Neptune” and “Twin Peaks”, which will be accompanied the group's debut music video. Shortly after the release of “Neptune” Cascadent will be opening for Hail The Sun, Royal Coda, and Strawberry Girls.

Track Review

“Neptune” from the jump is a heart pounding kinetic song. The instrumentation from guitar and drums really compliment each other and really hold the pace the song starts off with. The one thing the song lacked was the bass as the rest of the instruments over powered and drowned out the bass which is the pulse of any song. This could be on purpose since the song is very frantic and chaotic. The vocals were great, a little inaudible at the beginning but as the song continued it got better and could hear the lyrics more clearly. Overall, I dig the sound the band is creating and if Warped Tour was still around they would fit in perfectly with that audience and environment. It takes me back to those days when all you want to do is headband and mosh without a care in the world.

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