Lulise "Lovin' You" (Track Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | October 3rd, 2019


ABOUT LULISE|Born and raised in the city of angels, 2019 is the beginning of Lulise’s venture as a solo artist. Tapping into her R&B roots, she'll have you mesmerized and dancing along with her song "Read My Hips" produced by Pretty Sister (Betty Who, Superfruit). Lulise has been developing her old soul from a young age. The inundation of R&B legends, such as Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway, into her universe only added more gasoline to the fire of musical notes and melodies burning inside of her. Even her stage name, which was inspired by the Spanish word for moon, "Luna," holds a profound significance rooted in her desire to draw the moon's "light, beauty, and natural power," into her womanhood.

Track Review

“Lovin’ You” reminds me of some of the best R&B pop songs from the early 2000’s with its throwback feel and instrumentation. Her voice is beautiful and soft that cuts through. The lyrics are so relatable to conflicted feelings of letting someone go and how you do that when the feelings are so strong. We’ve said it before but this sound and style of music is amazing to hear again, especially from someone so young in their career.

The Grade