Oceanlux "Hurt Me Harder" (Track Review)


Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | March 2nd, 2019



Midwestern natives Oceanlux, are an Indie Pop duo formed in Indiana by vocalist Daisy Draper and multi-instrumentalist Brandon Weaver. Eccentric and captivating, they combine pulsating beats and melancholy lyrics. They hold nothing back describing heartache, sex, and self-turmoil all while maintaining upbeat and unforgettable melodies.


“Hurt Me Harder” by Oceanlux is a hit pop song waiting to be discovered by the right ears. The upbeat melody and lively drums give this song that extra mph that makes you want to dance to the beat. Daisy Draper manages to keep her voice contemporary yet still unique in tone that it is distinguishable. It is hard to believe that this is a duo but Brandon Weaver is seamless in his role as the jack of all trades and bringing the music to life. The lyrics are universal, telling the story of trusting the wrong person and it connects quickly that you start to sing along when the chorus hits. Overall, the song is a great single and we’re excited to hear what’s next from Oceanlux.

The Grade


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