HAAS 'Love & Loss' (EP Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | June 4th, 2019


GET TO KNOW| HAAS is a pop/rock band from Virginia. The name HAAS stems from lead vocalist Sam Haas who decided to pay tribute to not only her family name but her late grandfather who inspired her through his music. After years of playing around with names and ideas, HAAS became the official name in 2018. Through the use of catchy melodies, rhythmic guitars, and expressive lyrics, HAAS has been able to marry the pop/rock sound. The group uses music not only as an outlet for themselves, but want the music to be an outlet for others. They draw on personal hardships, such as loss, strained relationships, bullying, depression, and anxiety, but also hardships within the world today. HAAS strives to promote a place of safety and inclusivity, where it is okay to be who you are and forget about the real world for a minute. HAAS has discussed being bullied and scared of being who they are and by embracing themselves, they hope to inspire others to do the same; “love who you are and don’t be afraid to do the things you want.”


“Love & Loss” is a soaring EP from start to finish. The pop/rock elements of the songs infused with the personal lyrics from lead singer Sam Haas create not only a fun EP to dance and rock out to but it’s also reflective and deeper. “Mama Always Told Me” is the first example of a song where the music keeps you on your toes head banging to to the beat of the drums and guitar riffs but if you listen closer to the lyrics it’s much more personable and deals with a broken relationship. What is great about this EP is that the songs don’t feel random are part of a linear story themselves in the order that they are placed. You start off rock heavy and track by track the pace of each song begins to change, up and down like an EKG meter reading the vital signs of a heartbeat clinging to life. The lyrics and the passion behind the vocals never let up and you feel each word as it comes out and hits your ears. The instrumentation is top notch as well with a great touch for that late 2000’s rock sound reminiscent of Paramore from back in the day. “Home” is a great last song and our favorite. The slow pace and guitar adds a heaviness that lends itself to the passionate singing from Sam.

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