Shayla Souliere "Days Like That" (Track Review)

R. Dunmire | St. Louis, MO | July 18th, 2019


Shayla Souliere has released another single, “Days Like That” and the pop singer/songwriter preps for the release of the official music video coming out tomorrow! Shayla is no stranger to Off The Record, we have reviewed her past singles and we are happy to review “Days Like That” for you. Is it this summers anthem? Read our review below.

Track Review

“Days Like That” is not only an amazing tune to dance to but it also has a vivid story told through the lyrics and put us in Shayla’s point of view. Shayla always writes from a personal feeling but this time this feeling felt more universal and going back to the days of summer when we were kids and in love is beautifully reminisced in this song. The instrumentation is also great, from the percussion and synths that really pop out in the song and takes advantage of todays obsession with that 80’s feel. Coupled with the summer and it’s a perfect and catchy tune for anyone driving through their memory bank and going back to days like that.

The Grade