Highly Suspect at the Delmar Hall - St. Louis, MO 10/13/16

The newly built Delmar Hall was in for a treat when Highly Suspect rolled into town while on tour in support for their new record 'The Boy Who Dies Wolf'. Opening up for Highly Suspect was St. Louis rockers The Hush List.


The Hush List are not new to the music scene in St. Louis, MO. Fans of the band were not disappointed. Opening for Highly Suspect, opening for any band in general is a tough thing to do but The Hush List pulled it off. As hometown favorites The Hush List were able to set the mood and prime the concert goers for Slothrust, and Highly Suspect later in the night


Joining Highly Suspect on tour was Slothrust, having never heard of them I was intrigued to find out just why they were joining Highly Suspect on tour and I was not disappointed. Leah (Vocals/Guitar) won me over with her voice and their song titles alone were enough to make me head to iTunes and listen to the songs in studio. The haunting voice and slow melodic playing took me to another place. In the end isn't that what music is supposed to do? Slothrust are definitely ones to watch in 2017.


We finally arrive to Highly Suspect, Grammy nominated Highly Suspect. Nearly a year since I saw them at The Pageant for a HoHo Show I was excited to see them once again. One of my most highly anticipated shows on my concert calendar. The rockers played such hits like 'Lydia', '23', and 'Bloodfeather'. Also on the setlist was a brand new song 'My Name Is Human' from their sophomore album 'The Boy Who Died Wolf'. Fans of the band were along for the ride, singing to every song word for word, losing themselves to the riffs from Johnny's guitar. Rock 'N' Roll is not dead and it's new name is Highly Suspect.


The Grade


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