Barb Wire Dolls Rocking on Vans Warped Tour '17

Vans Warped Tour 2017 is in the middle of it's touring run and recently stopped by St. Louis (Maryland Heights) Missouri this past week on July 26th, 2017. Walking around experiencing and discovering new bands each year seems to be timeless tradition for over the past 2 decades. On assignment, you go and check out the bands you want to see but every now and then you walk past a stage and see a band that are undeniable. Barb Wire Dolls are that band that caught out attention. Barb Wire Dolls is a woman fronted band from Greece. The band is comprised of Isis Queen (vocals) Pynn Doll (lead guitar) Remmington Pearce (rhythm guitar) Iriel Blaque (bass) and Krash Doll (drums). Barb Wire Dolls were signed by rock legend Lenny Kilmister of Motorhead to his label. 

Walking around the Hollywood Amphitheatre waiting for the next band I kept seeing signs for the Barb Wire Doll hitting the Skullcandy stage at 5:25 PM. I kept looking at my watch wondering if I would have time to head over and check them out, I had heard from other fans at the festival that they were a MUST SEE act. Looking at the time I noticed that 5:25 PM was vastly approaching so I hurried to the Skullcandy stage with my camera in tow. I made it just in the knick of time to catch their set. The first thing you notice about the band is the energy they bring to the stage, Isis Queen on vocals is dancing and moving all over the stage and on the barricade. She immediately grabs your attention and doesn't let you go. On guitar is Remmington who like Isis just pulls you in with her guitar, head banging and killing it! The band as a whole bring a much needed energy that screams pure rock 'n' roll. In an age of just standing behind a computer and making noises and playing sounds bands like Barb Wire Dolls are what we need that bring life back to rock music. If you are reading this and Warped Tour has yet to arrive at your city we highly recommend you check out Barb Wire Dolls at the Skullcandy stage all summer!