Hippo Campus Bring The 'Boyish' Charm to St. Louis

Oscar Rendon | October 11th, 2018


Hippo Campus is a 5-piece band made up of Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton, Whistler Allen, and DeCarlo Jackson. The band has released multiple EP’s and two LP’s, their debut album Landmark and followed it up with their sophomore album Bambi.

The band has been on tour headlining bigger club venues all across North America, slowly building their fan base and popularity with their catchy songs with hooks that aren’t heard as much in today’s music. Hippo Campus strolled into town at the most recognizable concert venue in St. Louis, The Pageant on Delmar. Opening up for the band was The Districts playing a great set that got the crowd upbeat and ready for Hippo Campus. You cue the lights as they fade in to black and a shimmer of light starts to illuminate the stage. The guys took the stage and Jake Luppen quickly serenaded the crowd with his unique and unmatched voice making the crowd scream louder as you could feel the atmosphere change. ‘Bambi’ opened up the show and it was the first time hearing the song in a live setting. First, Jake’s voice sounds like it was plucked straight from the record which makes the live experience even better knowing the voice on the record is the same live if not better. The crowd roared for DeCarlo’s trumpet as it amplified through the pageant. Hippo Campus played new ones from Bambi but also brought some of their hits that have been playing in everybody’s playlists like “Western Kids”, “Suicide Saturday”, “Baseball” and “Simple Season” along with many others. The crowd was singing along word for word and their mellow and groovy sound had many of the concertgoers jumping and dancing. Overall, we recommend you check out Hippo Campus out on tour right now as they headline across North America. Dates for the shows can be found at hippocampus.band and their facebook page.