Bastille & lovelytheband: Ho Ho Show St. Louis


Oscar Rendon | December 2nd, 2018


This past weekend St. Louis celebrated one of their winter concert series with Bastille and lovelytheband as the Ho Ho Show set upon the always rocking concert venue The Pageant! Lovelytheband opened up the night as 1057 The Point’s LUX came out to introduce the band to the stage. Lovelytheband which is comprised of Mitchy Collins (vocals), Jordan Greenwald (Guitar) and Sam Price (drums).


The band came out to an overzealous crowd waiting for the nights show to begin. Mitchy, Jordan, and Sam hit their marks as they played songs from their album Finding It Hard to Smile. The band played 45 minutes with songs like “Make You Feel Pretty”, “These Are My Friends”, and their current hit “Broken” which can be heard on the radio today. They brought their energy to the stage and fans couldn’t have asked for more. Ending their set with “Broken”


After a few minutes, it was Bastille’s turn to hit the stage as headliners for the show. Emerging as a breakout band in 2013 with their hit song “Pompeii”. The band made up of Chris Wood, Will Farquarson, Kyle Simmons and Dan Smith were met with thunderous roars from the crowd. When Dan hit the stage the crowd erupted in glee as “Good Grief” began to play and Dan began to sing. Over an hour of fun, singing, dancing and the exhilaration of pure joy the night ended with “Pompeii” The crowd went crazy as they sang along word by word. If you missed 1057 The Points Ho Ho Shows you’re in luck as this Friday Meg Myers comes to Delmar Hall, next door to The Pageant. Tickets for that show are SOLD OUT. Fore more info on the remaining Ho Ho Shows visit for all the info.