Cherry Pools Light Up Delmar Hall in St. Louis


Cherry Pools have been the opening act for PVRIS' All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell Album Release Tour. In the time they have been touring across the U.S. they have massed a following, garnering new fans each show they have played. Martin Broda, Matt Krumins, Talyn Prior and Sean Medeiros make up the rock-pop band. Fans may know the band from their catchy single 'Forever Young' which has been a fan favorite at shows. 

Cherry Pools stopped at Delmar Hall with PVRIS and performed to a packed house. The groove the band carries had the concert goers dancing and feeling the music. It was hard not to get into the music after every song left you wanting more. Martin Broda the frontman commanded much of the stage and had the fans in his hands with his voice that sounded great with the acoustics of the room. Talyn and Matt held it down on guitar and bass making the crowd dance to the rhythm and Sean on drums gave a fun pounding performance that is the glue to any band. Overall the bands set was short with only half an hour but it left fans wanting more. The band was fun, electric, and sounded great in a live setting. 

The Grade