Flint Eastwood Brings Energy & Soul at Delmar Hall


When a crowd of music lovers come together for a show they want to be entertained. People attending concerts want to escape in the music, escape in the artist, escape into a new world. When you're an opening act you have to warm the audience up for the headliners but there are a few rare times when the opening act has the right spark of soul and energy that not only get the crowd warmed up but get them moving, dancing, singing along to the artist. 

Flint Eastwood joined PVRIS on their headlining tour All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell Album Release Tour. The band formed by the Anderson siblings has had a slow growth but definitely left an impact in St. Louis when they stopped by the Delmar Hall. Jax Anderson hit the stage and she was nothing but pure energy and fun. When the energy was low she made it her mission to get involved with the crowd to wake them up! The band was a great way keep the crowd happy as they warmed their way into the crowds hearts and ears. Jax's voice matched her energy, high, fun and full of power. 45 minutes of fun as Anderson put and they were. Anderson moved across the stage the way we all wish we could, without a care in the world and dancing freely to the beat of the song. You can't miss this band when they're in town. 

The Grade