LIGHTS: We Were Here Tour at Delmar Hall

Author: Oscar Rendon


A buzz hit the doors at Delmar Hall on Wednesday evening, people lined up to enter for a LIGHTS show. Fans of the singer patiently waited for her to make her way on stage. The crowd was greeted with DFC, the pop singer delighted everyone with his music and on stage presence. Not only was he fun and energetic but he also had some fun costuming, wearing what seemed like a Captain Crunch suit. DCF had the crowd dancing and singing for his 30 minute set and warmed them up for Chase Atlantic. The Australian trio of Mitchel & Clinton Cave and Christina Anthony were warmly welcomed to Delmar Hall as fans were on their feet and swarming the pit as the alt-rock group made their way to the stage in the blue haze. From the first song they were a nonstop force of entertainment. The crowd livened up and the people in the pit were feeling the performance given by Chase Atlantic. The band uniquely blended R&B with Rock, adding some synths to it and heart pounding drums and strings. The sound filling the Delmar Hall was deafening when the lights went down and in front of an LED screen was Lights' silhouette. Brightly lit and the shadow touching the crowd, the first note played and the room erupted, people screaming and yelling. 'New Fears' played and fans of Lights started jumping, singing to the tune. Lights herself was pure energy on the stage, dancing, jumping and getting up close to her fans on the barricade. Song after song she kept the night moving, she covered Cher's 'Believe' with an acoustic rendition, the perfect time to slow things down. Hearing Lights on disc/digital is one thing but live is a whole other experience. It was amazing to watch the performance, for years people have told me to go to a Lights show and I finally did. The night was full of fun and joy, something one going to a concert should want and one an artist should try to give. Lights did that and some with her catalog of music spanning 10 years as she mentioned. Whenever LIGHTS is back in town or whenever she's in a town near you, buy tickets, go to the show, make some friends and celebrate music. 

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