Dorothy: A Genuine Rock Experience



Some say DOROTHY is the best kept secret in Rock'n'Roll but we say she and the band are shining brighter than ever, last year we had the privilege of speaking with the rocker about her journey, touring and the music she teased would be released. In recent months they have released singles like 'Flawless', 'Who Do You Love', and 'Ain't Our Time To Die'. These songs gave us a taste of what to expect from their tour and St. Louis couldn't wait as they sold out the Duck Room at the Delmar Loop in St. Louis, MO. 

The crowd flooded a sold out Duck Room, tight space and a underground Rock'n'Roll experience that the Duck Room is known to give had the DOROTHY fans buzzing. Earlier in the day the streets of St. Louis were surprised with a flurry of snow, I was afraid that the bad weather would affect the show, specifically the crowd. I walked down the long stairs to the Duck Room located inside Blueberry Hill in the heart of The Loop as it's known in the STL. A little snow wasn't going to scare away these rock concert goers and they slowly started to fill the Duck Room. Modern Gold, a local St. Louis band opened the show and had a similar blues and rock sound to DOROTHY. One at a time the crowd got into the groove and Modern Gold successfully left the crowd ready for the headliner. The lights flashed, smoke flooded the stage and out of it emerged the band one by one until Dorothy herself took center stage. As a good rock show should start the band instantly began to go and give us everything they had, moving and jamming to the first song. Dorothy was dancing not giving a care and letting the music move through her. Her voice as always sounded amazing even after she revealed that she was sick which made her performance that more impressive. The crowd gave them everything they had as well, dancing and singing along to each song. Fans of Dorothy would erupt when fan favorite songs like 'Wicked Ones', 'Down to the Bottom' and 'Flawless' played their first note. 

Overall, if you are looking for a rock show with great on stage presence, killer vocals, awesome and heart pounding music then look no further than Dorothy when they're at a town near you. We promise they won't disappoint and you'll experience a genuine rock concert.

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