Camila Cabello Charms A Sold Out Pageant

Camila Cabello 21.jpg

Last night on April 24th, 2018 the Never Be The Same Tour made a stop in St. Louis, MO in one of St. Louis' premier concert venues, The Pageant. The show was SOLD OUT and it had been for a while. Arriving at the venue in the evening, the lines were long and the buzz was for the show was great. Parent's and children gathered to have a great time and they did, Bazzi the opener for Camila got the crowd going and excited the fans in attendance as they knew that very shortly Camila would be out next. After a great set from Bazzi the crowd was ready, 9 PM hit and the lights went down. The screen on stage lit up and a close-up of Camila's eyes filled the screen. The crowd went insane and then from the shadows Camila emerged, the first song played was the titular title of the tour "Never Be The Same". The diehard fans were singing word for word with Camila and she brought the energy, dancing all through the night. Through out the show the singer performed some of her most popular songs that fans couldn't wait to hear live, songs like "Bad Things" the Machine Gun Kelly cover, "Can't Help Falling In Love" (Elvis Presley cover), "All These Years" and her biggest hit "Havana". 

The Havana Singer brought her charm and new found confidence to The Pageant. Camila gave the crowd everything and then some. Dancing to the hits and slowing down to let the crowd (and herself) breathe, she shined as a great solo act and the sky is the limit with this star. St. Louis was a great host to this tour and fans of the singer are already talking about Camila's return later this year when she embark's on a stadium tour with Taylor Swift. 

The Grade


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