Marian Hill: Unusual at the Loop

Marian Hill are quickly rising into people's playlist's and across the world as the duo of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol continue their journey on the road on their Unusual Tour. This past weekend, The Unusual Tour stopped in St. Louis, MO Saturday night (4/28/18). In the newly constructed Delmar Hall, Marian Hill packed the venue on a busy Saturday night, some fans were missing prom, parties, and even the Cardinals game to watch Marian Hill live. Many of the patrons in attendance first saw Marian Hill at last years Lou Fest, others were fans of the duo from when they played the Ready Room a while back, but everyone was excited. 

Marian Hill 69.jpg

After a great set from Michl, the crowd was pumped for the main act. Like every show, the lights went down and fans were screaming in anticipation. Jeremy made it behind his DJ village and Sam was front and center. The energy the duo bring was fun to watch. Even though he is stuck behind his DJ set-up, Jeremy Lloyd brings as much passion and energy into his set. He's jumping, dancing, and having a great time, all while rocking layers of jackets and coats! From our last interview with him, we know he loves jackets. Samantha, Samantha comes out and is a fireball of fun, energy, and grace. Sometimes you forget that we're at a concert when Sam lets the music move her body, she dances to the beat of her own drum. Just as unique as her dancing abilities are her vocals. Live and in concert she is one of the few artists that sound identical to voice on the record, Sam even manages to give a little extra in her performance and sound better. If we had to anoint a third member to Marian Hill then Steve Davit is that one guy. Davit immediately commands the attention of the crowd with one note from his famous saxophone. He riffs, he has soul and Marian Hill really highlight the instrument and Steve to perfection, not many artists do now a days but Marian Hill are changing that. Overall, the band is making the most from their early success and are quickly becoming some of the most popular acts in the country. Live, they are spectacle to watch and enjoy. A fun energy for people of all ages and they have a sax guy, who doesn't love a saxophone? Their setlist, well if you loved "Down" and "One Time" then you'll enjoy the tracks they're performing live. Don't forget that their sophomore album UNUSUAL comes out May 11th, 2018.

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