Madison Beer: As She Pleases Tour

Madison Beer 5.jpg

Madison Beer, the pop singer from New York has been a name slowly rising in the music industry for a few years now. At only 19 years of age the singer has already accomplished a lot and this year is only just the beginning. Madison is right in the middle of her headlining 'As She Pleases Tour' and we were in attendance for the show. Opening up for her is singer-songwriter Aleem. Aleem welcomed the crowd and warmed them up with his set, he definitely made a few new fans before the night was over. Next was Russo, fronted by Cailin Russo. Cailin was a spark of fun energy as she danced all over the stage and interacting with the crowd during her set. She wasn't alone as her bassist and guitar player added to the performance and losing themselves in the music.  

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After great openers, the crowd was ready and excited for Madison Beer. The lights go down and a small TV lit up with a countdown. The fans started to count down and when Madison Beer appeared they exploded. Right off the gate she was playing to the crowd, bringing the fans closer and closer. She played familiar songs that the fans in attendance were singing along and new ones from her EP As She Pleases. Never forgetting where she came from, Madison also performed some of her favorite covers. Whether it was singing, dancing, or interacting with the crowd she really engaged the whole room. At just 19 she already commands the stage and is at the cusp of a long career. Madison Beer left the crowd in St. Louis with an experience they will never forget. Overall, the show as a whole was great. All 3 acts had something different that captured the crowds attention and left the STL audience wanting more. Madison Beer continues her tour through the summer as she has festival dates lined up. 

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