Middle Kids Rock the St. Louis Crowd!


Middle Kids, the alt-rock band from Sydney, Australia have been a band on the rise in the US. Touring on festivals and growing their fan base all across the world. The band recently released their debut album Lost Friends which has had an impact with such songs like "Bought It", "Mistake", and "Edge of Town" just to name a few. The band is out on tour in support of the album headlining shows all across America. We were able to catch their show in St. Louis at The Ready Room and here is what we can tell you about their show. 


The Ready Room, which has been a music-club establishment that has seen many young up and coming artists walk through it's doors and become successes in the music industry. Bands like New Politics, Story of the Year, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and others. Middle Kids are next on the endless list of bands to grace the Ready Room's stage. With any tour the opening band sets the stage for the night and how the night will play out. Duncan Fellows, a 5-piece band from Austin, TX took the stage first with Colin Harman, Cullen Trevino, Jack Malonis, David Stimson & Tim Hagen. The band got the crowd moving and dancing, swaying to the sweet sounds from their guitar solo's and melodic hooks. I was disappointed at how quick their set ended, the band captured my attention and I wanted more. 


As most club shows go, we get that up close and intimate performance from bands and artists that's lost sometimes in big stadium shows. After Duncan Fellows set we saw members of Middle Kids set up their equipment on stage and even greet some fans before they took the stage. There is something special about a show with no gimmicks or extra lighting rigs to make the stage look cool or fancy, just a band with their instruments playing to the crowd in a small club. Middle Kids had played LouFest the year before and we had heard about their set and how much fun it was. Middle Kids took the stage and the connection with the St. Louis crowd was there. With one strum of her guitar, front-woman Hannah had the fans screaming and the band went into their set. Playing some favorites like "Bought It" which was first on the set and on the album (how fitting). Hannah's voice radiated throughout the entire building, there was no bad spot to be as the band played along. The crowd was so into it, dancing and jumping along to the beat and to Hannah as she moved and danced across the stage. Some of the quieter moments when she got on the keys and it was just her voice and the keyboard were some of the more powerful moments. The response of the crowd the second "Mistake" started playing was incredible as everyone in the band really gave it their all and gave such a raw performance. Looking out at the crowd I could see almost if not everyone singing along which is all you can ask for from a show. People having a great time and singing along to your songs. We recommend you go out of your way to see Middle Kids when they're at a town near you. You still have a chance to before they leave for a tour in the UK and their homeland of Australia. 

Visit www.middlekidsmusic.com for more info and tickets