Vans Warped Tour: The Final Encore


Oscar Rendon | July 7th, 2018


Vans Warped Tour came and went just like that. After over 20 years of rocking across America it is officially coming to an end. The touring music festival is currently underway, if you're lucky you can still catch them as they make their final tour dates across the country. The all-day event stopped by the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on Tuesday July 3rd, for the last time. Thousands of fans packed the venue in and around as they ran towards the many stages that would hold the bands they came to see, the memories they would make at the festival for one final time. The heat of the sun did not deter a lot of the fans as they jumped and rocked in the beating sun in the middle of the day. Bands like Real Friends, Movements, Reel Big Fish, Simple Plan, 3OH!3 and more took the stage through out the day. 

Tonight Alive were one of the many artists fans went to see, the Australian band had a stellar showing on the Journey's Right Foot Stage. With only their instruments and front-woman Jenna McDougall's voice the band rocked out to the hundreds of hot and sweaty fans in attendance. The band had a real connection with the crowd and fans were loving every minute of it. We look forward to having Tonight Alive back in St. Louis. Other veterans like The Used took the stage at Warped Tour and pumped the crowd with energy that only OG rockers can. Singer Bert McKraken was all over the stage, moving and getting the crowd to sing to some of their best songs like "The Taste of Ink". The Used have been one of the few bands to withstand the test of time in today's climate of music and the rapid changes it goes through at a yearly basis it seems. It was only fitting that this band was set to embark on the final Warped Tour. 


Now, it wouldn't be a Vans Warped Tour without a few fun acts that only came for a show or two. Story of the Year who's roots are heavily planted in the St. Louis music scene were one of the few acts that only joined the festivities for a day and it was only fitting to do so in their hometown. Over the years, bands on Warped Tour talked about the path that bands like The Used and Story of the Year paved for them. Their influence can be heard and felt almost every year on the cross-country tour and it was one of the best ways to say goodbye. Story of the Year came out to an energetic crowd, after hours in the sun the fans were still full of energy. Dan Marsala, lead singer of the band brought his frenetic passion to the stage. Guitarist Ryan Phillips was also in all his glory as he jumped and even emerged at the top of the huge speakers on the amphitheatre stage. From their famous "Until The Day I Die" from their classic Page Avenue to their recent work in Wolves like "Bang Bang". Each song reviving the crowd from the low but hot sun and humid day. After hours of running, jumping, and sitting in the hot Missouri sun on July 3rd, we can safely say we will miss having Vans Warped Tour every summer and miss the joy, pain, energy, heat, and all around fun times with the masses of people coming together to celebrate music. 


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