Adelitas Way at the Delmar Hall in St. Louis!

Oscar Rendon | September 14th, 2018


Adelitas Way continue to bring their heart-pounding music across the United States as they trek with The Stir, Stone Broken and Fozzy for the Judas Rising Tour. If you haven’t seen Adelitas Way they are a great mix of hard rock while also bringing the softness from some of their more slower songs. After a quick chat with bassist Andrew Cushing (Interview Here) of Adelitas Way, we learned that the band had a great set in store for the crowd in St. Louis. The buzz from the crowd was really split between Fozzy fans (the headlining act) and Adelitas Way who have been heard all across the world with multiple fan favorite tunes from “Invincible”, “Alive”, and “Sick”.


The band hit the stage and fans were ready for a rock show as The Stir and Stone Broken had warmed up the crowd. The floor at Delmar Hall had filled with fans and the lights went low. Fans of Adelitas Way yelling and singing from the top of their lungs as the band went in and out of songs. Hardcore fans of the band were singing word for word as the band played some of their favorites and best hits from over the years. Songs like “Sick”, “Still Hungry”, “Invincible”, “Alive” and “Bad Reputation”. Rick DeJesus had a great banter with the crowd and left the great crowd in Delmar Hall ready for headlining band Fozzy. If you have never seen Adelitas Way live in convert then you are missing out on one of the best experiences. From the great music, to some of the best crowd interactions. You do not want to miss Adelitas Way on tour right now with The Stir, Stone Broken and Fozzy on the Judas Rising Tour! Tickets are available online or at the box-office in a city near you.