Fozzy: Bring Back The Rock Spirit to St. Louis


Oscar Rendon | September 14th, 2018

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Fozzy will tell you they are a 20 year overnight sensation. Chris Jericho, the frontman to one of the most active rock bands currently alongside Rich Ward a master guitarist have spearheaded Fozzy to success album after album and year after year. The band is currently on the road for their headlining show The Judas Rising Tour. Fozzy is joined by The Stir, Stone Broken, and veteran band Adelitas Way. Last year, Fozzy released one of their most if not the most successful album to date, Judas. Judas the first single of the album spent 26 weeks on the mainstream rock chart, eventually peaking at number 5 and #1 on the Sirius XM/Octane charts. Fozzy stopped in St. Louis for a show at the Delmar Hall in the Loop and as the title suggests, brought back the rock’n’roll spirit to the fans in attendance in St. Louis.

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We cover many tours and shows in the St. Louis area and the one thing that is sometimes lacking from some of the biggest artists with huge productions is fun. First, the opening bands were all great with good energy and really played to the crowd. The Stir and Stone Broken were new to the scene and brought that fresh energy on stage. Adelitas Way brought their fan base out and had the entire crowd singing along to each and every one of their songs. Now, obviously the shows main event was leading to Fozzy hitting the stage. Delmar Hall is a relatively new venue but man did they fill that place up with Fozzy fans erupting at the sight and sound of the first song “Judas”, the band played classics like “Spider In My Mouth”, “Enemy”, and new ones like “Painless”. Jericho came out from the darkness and stood atop of the fans in true rock star form. From his jacket to the huge scarf, he was ready for an insane rock show. Rich Ward at one point in the evening took his guitar and joined the people in the pit for some fun, fans circling him as Jericho sang along from the stage. Frank the drummer played atop a perch behind the stage as he gave everything to each song with every tapped symbol and drum head. Billy was a ball of fire on stage, running all over from side to side as he shredded note after note, chord after chord. Fozzy have accumulated a great catalog of songs over the years and this set was one of the best live experiences. You could see the joy in the bands eyes to be performing as the STL crowd matched their energy all through the night. The intimacy of the venue and interaction between all the bands that night made for one of the best rock concerts I’ve ever been to, the show overall was an A+ for me. Do not miss Fozzy or any of the bands mentioned above as the Judas Rising Tour treks along, tickets are still available and Fozzy provide a VIP experience for the ages. Visit for tickets + info.