Royal Teeth Rock the Old Rock House

Oscar Rendon | September 23rd, 2018


Royal Teeth are on tour with Vinyl Theatre and their Starcruiser Tour and stopped at the Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO. Royal Teeth are known for their most popular “Wild” from their debut album Glow. Recently the band released several singles, promoting new material for a new album. We recently spoke with the band in a recent interview, link here. The band talked about the new sound they hope to have on their new album and touring with Vinyl Theatre.


As Royal Teeth hit the stage they came with a bang. The intimate crowd at the Old Rock House were moving to the beat of each song, with Nora and Gary bringing an infectious attitude of fun while singing and dancing on stage. Josh and Thomas also brought the high energy as the crowd couldn’t get enough from them. Royal Teeth performed songs like “Heartbeats” (a cover song from The Knife) and new hits like “Never Gonna Quit”, and “It’s Just The Start”. Checkout the bands Facebook page for info and tickets on their next show and watch the new video for “Never Gonna Quit” at