Vinyl Theatre: Starcruiser Signal Reaches St. Louis


Oscar Rendon | September 22nd, 2018

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Vinyl Theatre are back at the Lou. It has been a few months since VT were in St. Louis but this time they’re back with a new album, new tour, and a whole new set. A few months ago we got a chance to sit down with the band and talk about a possible third LP. Back in April they spoke about not knowing what was in store for the band when it came to a third album but that they wanted to focus on delivering an album in the spirit of a live show. Fast forward and the band has done just that. (You can read our interview with Vinyl Theatre here or read our review of ‘Starcruiserhere.

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The Starcruiser Tour finally reached St. Louis, MO on Thursday September 20th, 2018. Joining Vinyl Theatre were acts like Jet Black Alley Cats, The Catching, and Royal Teeth. Keegan, Chris and Nick (the trio that makes up Vinyl Theatre) entered the Old Rock House suited up for a hypnotizing space adventure on stage. Starting things off was a new song from ‘Starcruiser’ “We Make The Music”. As always the band bring a great presence and energy to the stage. Keegan with his vocals and guitar playing are out of this world, the way he moves on the stage and still has enough breath to belt out some of the higher notes is beyond amazing. Chris is always entertaining, from behind his piano to playing a the key-tar? He is always moving and singing. The drumming from Nick is superb, even at one spot he still brings a fun quality that is infectious to watch. There isn’t a live show quite like it every time the guys are on stage. The band went through their setlist with such smooth transitions that the night quickly passed by as they performed new songs like ‘Vandals”, “Don’t Worry”, “Masterpiece” and “Feel It All”. If you are a true Vinyl Theatre die-hard then you were also in luck as they performed some of their earlier songs like “Breaking Up My Bones”, “Shine On”, “The Island”, “30 Seconds”, and “Day In Day Out”. Overall the night was filled with a great kinetic energy, great music and light show that set the mood and of course the thing that brought it all together.. Vinyl Theatre. If you are looking to catch Vinyl Theatre on tour, you are in luck. Tickets are available, visit their Facebook page for dates and info on when they are at a city near you.