The Greeting Committee ROCK The Ready Room!

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | May 20th, 2019


It’s Friday night and you have no plans, The Greeting Committee are in town. What do you do? That’s easy, you buy your tickets and have rocking night with the members of The Greeting Committee. That was the scene last Friday night when The Greeting Committee came through St. Louis for their headlining tour at The Ready Room. You hear a band on record and they’re amazing and you can only hope that the band LIVE is even better. Before the show, we got word that several members of the band were sick and a revised setlist was posted. Among the sick was Addie Sartino, singer for the band. Opening for the band was Haley Blais, a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. She and her melodic voice welcomed the crowd to the show, proving you can rock out with a ukulele. By 9:00 PM The Greeting Committee hit the stage and opened up with “She’s A Gun” as Addie came blazing in wither her Green Blazer and kinetic energy. You couldn’t tell she was feeling sick and she with the rest of the band sounded great. After a few songs, Addie asked for the full set list as she felt the fans in St. Louis earned a great time for keeping the energy up and fun. All through the night the band and crowd were in complete sync as the room filled with more and more people. The crowd sang along to every song as the show came to a close with “I Don’t Mind”. We couldn’t recommend attending a Greeting Committee show enough. Not only are they fun and energetic but their music makes you move and dance.

Currently, The Greeting Committee are still on tour with a few select dates still available. Head over to for more tour info.