Off The Record with DOROTHY

DOROTHY is a four piece band comprised of Dorothy Martin (Vocals), DJ Black (Guitar), Dylan Howard (Bass) and Gregg Cash (Drums). After an amazing show at the Duck Room in St. Louis, MO, Off The Record caught up with Dorothy Martin just minutes after her set to talk about the power of music, touring/small club shows, fireflies and of course the "Biebs". [Interview conducted by Oscar Rendon]

OTR: "[Dorothy (Martin)] You just got off stage here at The Duck Room in St. Louis, MO. How does it feel after a show to feel the crowd?"

Dorothy: "It was amazing, it was actually one of our top ten best shows because it was all ages and we've never played an all ages show, I don't think. It was incredible."

OTR: "How does it feel to play these smaller clubs?"

Dorothy performing at The Duck Room in St. Louis, MO 2/16/17

Dorothy performing at The Duck Room in St. Louis, MO 2/16/17

Dorothy: "I think we packed the place, when we embarked on this tour we didn't think anyone would show up (laughs). So you sacrifice a little bit of the sound because it's very loud and you're in a small room, less space, physics! There's just less capacity for this big sound so I deal with a lot of frequencies bouncing off the walls and hitting me in the face and being right in front of the drum set. The energy of the crowd is great, it's very intimate and you get up close and personal with them."

Martin went on to talk about the importance of the crowd's involvement with the shows and the impact they have on her and the band,

Dorothy: "People don't realize the impact they have on your show and their energy affects the band. So far so good, our crowds have been amazing, super supportive."

OTR: "That's great, I was worried people in St. Louis wouldn't show up or hadn't heard of you which is always a concern of mine when a great up and coming band rolls into town."

Dorothy: "It's awesome, I love St. Louis."

OTR: "Thankfully a lot of people showed!"

Dorothy: "A lot of people showed up and a very diverse crowd which makes me so (Fucking) happy, it just shows you that music transcends everything and there's no boundaries and we're just here to have a good time. Especially now in this day and age with the way things are, especially in America, I think we need to come together and accept everyones diversity." 

OTR: "Why do you think your crowds are so diverse? What do you think it is about your music people connect to?"

Dorothy: "I have no idea, I believe in fate and I was meant to do this. I think music can be very healing so it doesn't really matter because everybody wants to feel good and happy, be in the moment and connect with other human beings and not feel lonely. Everybody wants to feel loved and I think that's the greater message of our music, I know I want to and I know our fans want to feel that way. It makes me very emotional because I love them so much. I think that intention itself has drawn people energetically to us."

OTR: "Now you've been touring for a while now, so what's one crazy story or moment you've had on this tour or any other tour in the past?"

Dorothy: "The first time I saw fireflies when we opened for Miguel, we stopped in Long Island and we put our bus in an RV trailer park next to the beach. Scott our merch guy who also day to day manages me and is part of our crew, him and I would go on our own solo adventures. We would go for a run or a hike or something and we found a private beach and we went for a run and there was a fence that said 'Don't Cross' but of course we just went through it, we went under the gate and found our way to a private beach and just laid there on these rocks for an hour. We saw the sunset and it was just amazing and beautiful, and when you get out of your head space and your normal routine you really experience life and it felt like we were so alive in that moment. We come back to where we parked, started a bonfire with the band, we did burgers and hot dogs then all of a sudden I saw these little flickering lights fly past us and I realized they were fireflies and I'd never seen that ever. This magical thing you hear of as a kid, where I grew up there were no fireflies so i caught a couple in a jar the let them go, it was amazing." 

OTR: "You're starting off 2017 touring headlining shows, what are some goals you have for the rest of 2017"

Dorothy: "I would love to win some Grammy's but if we don't that's fine, and my biggest goal is to write music that make people feel good, feel loved and maybe open up some healing. we have some softer songs on the second record that I think are very vulnerable and people will relate to them. We are gonna have some heavy/fun rock 'n' roll songs as well, I would love to continue to headline. I want to win and I want people to enjoy what we're doing and appreciate our art. I would like to meet Justin Bieber, I'm dead serious.

OTR: "I think we have the same goals then."

Dorothy: "I've already met Rihanna and Jay Z, I gotta meet Bieber (laughs)

DOROTHY is currently on tour supporting their debut album 'Rock Is Dead' catch them in a city near you on their Rock Is Dead Tour. For tickets and info head to where you can also purchase VIP packages for your opportunity to meet with the band before the show.