Off The Record with Future Thieves


Future Thieves are a rock band from Nashville, TN and a great one at that. Their first album 'Horizon Line' really showcased their rock roots and what sound they had honed in on. 'Sucker' a single released earlier this year has the band experimenting with bigger sounds and exploring their evolution as a band. This year at LouFest 2017 we had a chance to speak with Elliot and Austin (only two members of the band) about their time in St. Louis and their second record.

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OTR: How was your performance today at LouFest?

Future Thieves: Our performance was good, the crowd was great. We got to perform on the Enterprise stage which is big so it sounded great. We love playing festivals cause we get to play in front of people that don't usually get to see us at a local rock club.

OTR: Since it is a festival, how do you approach it differently than say one of your headlining shows?

Future Thieves: We try to keep the music hype and the energy up especially for people at a festival on a Sunday morning. You want to keep the energy up. At a long club show we might throw a slow song here and there but here we want to keep it fast and going. 

OTR: Your new single 'Sucker' is out and has a little Rock from the last album but also a pop sound, whats the idea behind the change of the sound a little bit?

Future Thieves: We're trying to add more stuff to the sound, a little more synthesizer, trying to broaden the spectrum a little bit. We want to sound bigger, we like the bigger 80's synthesizer sound with the element of what we're playing. We've always been a little riffy and plucky on the guitars and whenever you throw a synthesizer in there you can do a million other things.

OTR: Being from Nashville and a rock group was it tougher breaking through in that scene?

Future Thieves: Despite what people might think Nashville is not just a country town, it's great for every form of music. There's blues, rock, hip-hop, pop, theres everything. You don't really see the country side of things if you're not looking for it. You go to where your tastes are and theres a great Rock community there and tons of rock clubs that support great local rock music. I wouldn't say it was tough getting through the country stuff but there so much great music there that you really have to shine.

OTR: What are your goals for the rest of the year and the possible release of your second record?

Future Thieves: We're finishing the record now, we've toured the whole year up until now we've done a lot of stuff in Europe and here in the States like one of LouFest but we're focused on finishing up our record cause it's been put off a little bit from touring but we're ready to get back in the studio.

OTR: Is there an estimate time on when the (second) record might be coming out?

Future Thieves: he full record should be out in the spring with the first single to come out in February.

Check out the full uncut audio version of the interview with Future Thieves below by pressing play.