Off The Record with Misty Eyed

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Misty Eyed are a 4 person band from Atlanta, GA who are gaining traction in the music scene. The band is set to release their EP ‘Euridyce’ on November 9th. The bands recent single “Attila” released October 2nd mixes a great sound 80’s/90’s rock with catchy and easy to listen to lyrics. We go Off The Record with Misty Eyed.


OTR: How would you describe your band’s sound?

Misty Eyed: It’s a blend of different styles of rock and metal with a touch of otherworldly flavors thrown in.

OTR: Attila is a heavy guitar driven song, what was the inspiration for the long intro?

Misty Eyed: We thought about it as a march. We wanted it to build with each instrument coming in, and lead into something greater. We did it this way to create suspense and make the drop that much bigger.

OTR: As a band, what do you feel is lacking in Music today? What do you hope for as a band?

Misty Eyed: Music today is lacking diversity and originality, we feel most popular music is copy and paste. As a band, we hope to leave behind timeless music; for people to look back and understand our period of time. We want it to be heard and to help inspire others.

OTR: Your EP ‘Eurydice’ comes out in a few short weeks, how do you choose what songs to put on it that best represent you?

Misty Eyed: We wrote songs to describe our journey. These five songs represent a different part of each of our lives.

OTR: What are some of your favorite tracks on the EP?

Misty Eyed: We love them all equally, each more than the last.

OTR: What other artists or bands do you draw inspiration from or look up to?

Misty Eyed: Honestly, we have such a wide variety of bands we pull from between the four of us. We’ve drawn from bands like Alterbridge, Volbeat, Twenty One Pilots, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, etc.

OTR: What is the writing process for any given song? Is it a lyric, a chord or a string of notes that starts that process?

Misty Eyed: We start from any of those. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether we start from a line we’ve come up with or a random chord progression on the piano.

OTR: Is the ‘ROCK’ sound a dying one and why is it so important now more than ever?

Misty Eyed: We’ve found that music comes in waves. It’ll die out, but make it’s way back around in time. Rock is rebellious and about not caring what other people think, and we think that with the way things are today, we need people to stand up now more than ever and do what needs to be done, regardless of what may be popular.

OTR: Lastly, what can fans of yours or new listeners expect when they see you live?

Misty Eyed: They can expect to see a better show each time they see us, and it’s only gonna continue to get bigger.