Off The Record with Madame Mayhem


ABOUT Madame Mayhem| The Manhattan born singer/songwriter and burgeoning rock icon-in-the-making has weaponized the darkness, turning it into a rallying cry for all who were ever cast aside. Songs like “Broken,” “War You Started,” and “So Wrong” are equal parts timeless sentiment, bareknuckle fury, and energized urgency. Madame Mayhem’s songs rival the best of Modern Rock, early ‘90s emotive-grunge, and nü-metal angst. As her name suggests, Madame Mayhem takes charge of her own anxiety, hurt, and alienation, crushing it with sheer force of will, then channeling the remaining ether into pulse-pounding anthems, instantly connecting with anyone who has struggled.

An acolyte of heartfelt melody from a young age, the classically trained singer, pianist, and guitarist studied at the Manhattan School of Music and Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Broadway may have beckoned, but the pull of hard rock was stronger. Pairing her well heeled chops and personal theatricality with raw sonic force Madame Mayhem quickly commanded attention from iHeart Radio, VH1’s That Metal Show and a powerhouse team of luminaries from the rock world.


OTR: What inspired the song “Broken”? 

Madame Mayhem: “Broken” is the first song I have released from my co-writing sessions with Keith Wallen. Writing with Keith has been such a fun experience! We have been able to write about so many different things in such a short time. I am also thrilled Billy Sheehan and Ray Luzier played on the song! "Broken" is about sensing a relationship is over and admitting the fact that you both aren't the same people you were before. It's about that difficult moment right before the end of a relationship, that turmoil, internal struggle to break away, and not let that person you once loved take you down their destructive path no matter what, by standing up for yourself and not letting them break you. 

OTR: How do you see your sound and style making a comeback in 2019? 

Madame Mayhem: I just do what I love to do and hope other people do too.

OTR: What is your writing process like when writing your songs? 

Madame Mayhem: What’s always so exciting about songwriting is that no song is done the exact same way each time. Lyrics and song ideas can come from a specific situation I want to write about, a lyric could just pop into my head as I am about to fall asleep, or at the grocery store, or it can come from trying to fit a lyric into a specific section of an already composed instrumental piece, etc..

OTR: Do you draw inspiration from any one person\feeling\artist? 

Madame Mayhem: I tend to spill my guts when I write songs and perform (figuratively of course). I write about my frustrations and things I am going through, and those are the songs that people can most relate to since everyone has gone through something at some point in life, no matter how major or minor it may be.

OTR: What is missing in the music industry right now that you see?

Madame Mayhem: The industry keeps changing all the time. It’s hard to pinpoint something specific. I just hope to see more venues able to stay open so we can keep playing live!

OTR: What are your live shows like? 

Madame Mayhem: High energy, entertaining, a great time for everyone. The stage has always felt like home to me so whenever I get to put on a live show I am sure to give the very best performance I can.

OTR: Any plans on embarking on a tour this year? 

Madame Mayhem: We are already confirmed to play ROCK USA July 19, 2019, and working on getting more shows confirmed. Follow us on too to see if we will be playing near you soon! Hope to see everyone at future shows!

OTR: Do you have a message to any of our readers or fans of yours that listen to your music 
that you want to share? 

Madame Mayhem: Thanks for listening and rocking out to Madame Mayhem! Appreciate you all! Keep up with everything Madame Mayhem! 

Instagram: MadameMayhem

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OTR: How did you discover your talent for music? 

Madame Mayhem: I have wanted to be a singer, musician, performer my entire life, for as long as I can remember. This is what I have always wanted to do.

OTR: How did you land on playing the genre of music you make? 

Madame Mayhem: I didn’t start in this genre, but Hard Rock is the genre I listen to and love most so it made sense to make the music I am a fan of.

OTR: Lastly, when can we expect another album? 

Madame Mayhem: My new single “Broken” has just been released! Hope everyone gets a chance to check it out! You can follow Madame Mayhem on Spotify and stream it there, or download it on iTunes or wherever you usually purchase or stream your music online.  Keep and eye out for new music at