Off The Record with Alexandra Fresquez

Oscar Rendon | March 11th, 2019 | St. Louis, MO


Alexandra Fresquez is a dynamic up and coming singer-songwriter from New Mexico, recently she has released her newest single “Flame” and upon first hearing it is a song that everyone should be adding to their playlist. A review for “Flame” can be found on our site in ‘Album Reviews’ later next month. We recently spoke with Alexandra about the single, the meaning behind it and what new listeners of hers can expect from her in the future. Check out the interview below.


OTR: I wanted to start off by saying I loved listening to “Flame”. What was the inspiration behind this song?


Alexandra Fresquez: I'm so glad you liked it. I can't wait for everyone to hear it. This new song was inspired by my mom. She recently passed away from Cancer, and I wanted to do a song about how cancer can make you feel, but what it can't take away from you. She was a very optimistic person, who never complained, or let it effect what she wanted to do in life. I wanted this song to be like my other songs where it kind of has 2 meanings. I wanted it to come off, as if I'm talking about this really bad guy or bad relationship, when really this "bad guy" I'm talking about is cancer. I love to have songs have multiple meanings, so more people can relate to it, and apply it to whatever they're going through at the moment, and hopefully it can help them get through it in some way. 

OTR: How did you get into music? What keeps you driven to succeed? 

Alexandra Fresquez: I've always had music in my life growing up, and I have always loved singing, but never pursued it seriously until a few years ago. I was just very very painfully shy growing up, and I've always known this is truly what I wanted to do, but never had the confidence or drive to pursue it. I was going through a hard time a few years ago, and someone suggested that I start working on my own music. I had a few friends that really pushed me. Which I am truly thankful for those people in my life, and my circumstances at that time, or I would've lived with that regret much longer, than I already had. The things that keep me driven to succeed are knowing that this is the only thing that truly makes me feel happy, and completely myself, and I feel like it's something I'm supposed to be doing. I absolutely love helping people, and I feel like this is my way of doing that. I want to inspire people, and help others the way music has helped me. I want people to see in themselves, what I see in them, and for everyone to know that they're never alone, and that we are all in our own ways amazing, and we all have something to offer to the world, whether we think so or not. 

OTR: Who do you look to for inspiration?

Alexandra Fresquez: This might sound funny, but I look for inspiration in everyone. I've found that I find something specific, and truly very interesting, in every single person I know. Everyone has a different something about them, that makes them interesting or unique, that inspires me. I have the most amazing sister, family, and friends, that anyone could ask for, and I truly love them all and am so thankful for everyone who inspires me.

OTR: What artists have influenced your musical style?

Alexandra Fresquez: There are so many, I love love love Christina Aguilera the most. I like all different kinds of music, and I try to incorporate a mix of everything, with my own style. I also try to incorporate a modern sound. 

OTR: Is the song writing process hard for you or does it get easier the more you do it?

Alexandra Fresquez: I think at first it was most difficult to express my feelings, and started getting easier once I got more comfortable with myself, as well as more comfortable with the process of writing a song. So many amazing friends/artists have helped me so much with this process. I was very unfamiliar when I started, and love learning how people go about writing a song, and their process they use to get there. It has gotten easier, but I think it depends on the song as well and what you want it to be. I love collaborating, with other people, finding out what ideas I have, that they like, and their opinions, and what ideas they have as well.

OTR: How would you describe your music? I can hear a little bit of rock, pop, and even a bit of R&B.

Alexandra Fresquez: The producer I work with does a lot of cinematic work, and I really love the sounds incorporated in cinematic music, but with a mix of  modern pop. I listen to music that I really like right now, and try to incorporate things that I love about a certain song into my own, while adding my own style to it.  

OTR: What is the message you want to leave to fans of yours reading this interview and to the new people that are now discovering you and your music?

Alexandra Fresquez: The biggest message I want to leave for everyone, is that, I really want people to know that we only have one life to live, and that you should never let anyone, mostly yourself, hold you back from your dreams. I very much appreciate everyone who's been so supportive of me. I truly want to make a difference in people's lives,and help them. When I release my new song 'Flame' I will be selling merchandise, and donating part of that to different organizations for cancer research. So be on the lookout for that, and I will also be having a song release fundraising event. I would love your support and prayers. Love you all.
OTR: What can we expect from you in the future (EP, Debut Album, Tour)?
Alexandra Fresquez: I would absolutely love to tour, and have thought about it, so hopefully sometime in the future that might be possible.  I am also currently working on a new song as well. So I'm excited about that.You can follow me on social media @zanfresquez to keep up with what's going on. Please be on the lookout for my new song 'Flame' that's coming out  next month.Can't wait for everyone to hear it!