Off The Record with MAYVE

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | April 2nd, 2019

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MAYVE is an alternative pop band from New York formed in the mid 2010s. We draw influence from the late '70s and early 80s just as much as we do from musical peers who interpret that same language.  The translation of our influences has spanned across 2 EP's thus far as well as a recent single entitled "Neon". The 2016 release of the “Animals” EP contained songs of a youthful nature, introducing the band to a newly captivated audience and landing multiple spots on the MTV reality shows (The Real World, Are You The One?). Eager to keep fans invested, but also explore a more intimate side, the “Motion” EP was released in 2017, a DIY project containing songs that were honest, exploratory, and heartfelt.  Once again eager to reinvent, 2018 brought the release of a new single, "Neon", a guitar-focused track with an explosive chorus, a catchy attempt at loud feelings. MAYVE wants their voice, their sound, their influence on whoever is listening to live in the divide of light and dark, speaking real emotions and confusing times on top of an otherwise uplifting soundtrack. There's a long road ahead and plenty to say.  The next installment will come in the form of 3 staggered singles produced and engineered by Chad Copelin (Sufjan Stevens, Ben Rector, 5 Seconds of Summer, Broncho, Sports). MAYVE's new single "Head High" is available on all digital platforms NOW.

MAYVE Interview

OTR: Hello, first, tell our readers about yourself. How did the band come to be?

MAYVE: I (Nick) have been friends with Michael and Joe for quite some time. It’s hard to imagine myself making music without them. In some way shape or form, music had brought the three of us to the same room at various times in various places. When I started writing the first songs for MAYVE back in 2014, I immediately got Michael involved. The two of us spent the better half of the year collaborating and writing with no restrictions, really just creating as much as we could. Getting Joe involved and playing the songs in a real life context was the next natural step. Within that year we were in the studio recording the Animals EP, which really began to shape what this would look like down the line.

OTR: What’s the meaning behind your name “MAYVE”?

MAYVE: MAYVE is an alteration of the name Maeve which means “the great cause of joy” or “she who intoxicates”.

OTR: How would you describe your musical style?

MAYVE: Not too bad, not all good

OTR: Who and what influences do you take from?

MAYVE: Music has always played a major role in my life. Being swept away in the carouse atmosphere of New York City, this song drew from the feeling of being alone in a crowded world. In the case of “Head High”, I was affected by nights that fabricated that loneliness no matter the surroundings. I wanted to create a soundtrack to that feeling, contrasting internal and external emotions with the assumed perception of those around you. It’s about weekends, dance music, losing it, and trying to find yourself again.

OTR: “Head High” is a really fun and kinetic single, is a lot of what you write and perform just as kinetic?

MAYVE: Thank you. “Head High” was an exciting endeavor for us and different from past songs in many ways. In summer 2018, we traveled to Oklahoma to work with our Producer Chad Copelin. The talent and creativity he brought to the table really helped us capture energy we’ve been trying to achieve for quite some time. There is an organized chaos going on that promotes the feeling of going floating room to room in a loud and otherwise strange place. Lately, it’s been the most fun to play live.

OTR: What was the concept and process of writing “Head High” ? Did it start with a lyric or beat?

MAYVE: The writing process of “Head High” began at Michael’s apartment. Him and I (Nick) were toying with some tropical sounds you would expect to hear at a nighttime summer discotheque. We wanted to capture that ethereal texture atop an otherwise pumping rhythm. The bridge section was the first thing we wrote for “Head High”. We had it just looping before we decided to ditch it entirely and start something new. Little did we know, we’d inspired ourselves and informed the rest of the song. The “a-ha” moment was realizing that section did in fact fit, just somewhere else.

OTR: Are there any plans on touring? What places do you want to perform at? Lastly, who would be your ideal artist or band to tour with?

MAYVE: Currently, no tour planned, but we’d love to. It’s a goal of ours to take our music off the east coast and travel the country. There are some obvious spots in LA, etc. There are a bunch of artists we’d love to tour with. If you know ‘em, tell ‘em.

OTR: What can fans of yours or our readers just now discovering you expect from your music?

MAYVE: We hope anyone who happens to be listening can read between the lines. We’re often masking complex and otherwise confusing feelings with upbeat melodies. There’s some relatability to be found in our self reflection.