Off The Record with HAAS

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | June 11th, 2019


GET TO KNOW| HAAS is a pop/rock band from Virginia. The name HAAS stems from lead vocalist Sam Haas who decided to pay tribute to not only her family name but her late grandfather who inspired her through his music. After years of playing around with names and ideas, HAAS became the official name in 2018. Through the use of catchy melodies, rhythmic guitars, and expressive lyrics, HAAS has been able to marry the pop/rock sound. The group uses music not only as an outlet for themselves, but want the music to be an outlet for others. They draw on personal hardships, such as loss, strained relationships, bullying, depression, and anxiety, but also hardships within the world today. HAAS strives to promote a place of safety and inclusivity, where it is okay to be who you are and forget about the real world for a minute. HAAS has discussed being bullied and scared of being who they are and by embracing themselves, they hope to inspire others to do the same; “love who you are and don’t be afraid to do the things you want.”

HAAS Interview

OTR: First of all, how did the band come together? And how did you land on the type of music you wanted to make once you did? 

HAAS: HAAS was created after unsuccessful bouts as solo act Sam Haas. Haas music is created based on feeling and we hate to limit ourselves to one genre but pop/rock has always been a huge influence and it will always have a space in any music created from us.

OTR: Listening to your songs I feel like I and many of your listeners get a glimpse of who you are, is that what you want/intended? 

HAAS: Of course! I really enjoy people getting to know me through music but I always want them to take away that they are not alone if they have been through similar situations or feelings. I want the music to connect us and fans because we all go through things and some people find it hard to find comfort. Wounds heal but sometimes you need someone to ease the pain of it.

OTR: With many meaningful lyrics in your music, which comes first? The lyrics or the music? 

HAAS: Usually for me it is lyrics first. I have always loved words. Every once in a while, a melody will come into play and that is what the song will start off as.

OTR: Who are your musical influences?

HAAS: I have way too many to name so here’s a few: Paramore, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, 5SOS, Panic! At the Disco,

Bring Me the Horizon, Maren Morris, Dua Lipa, The Aces, etc, etc etc. I hate to bore you with a rant of my Spotify.

OTR: Your sound is very distinct, especially in today’s music climate. What keeps you

falling into that trap of conforming to today’s standards of music?

HAAS: I love today’s music but for me I really enjoy the rush of doing my own thing even if it’s not “popular.” Don’t get me wrong adding in some cool electronic sounds is sick.

OTR: What do you hope to accomplish as you begin your career?

I hope to build a space where people want to come and spend time. Where they feel safe and can forget about the real world for a quick second. I would love to travel the world playing music for beautiful people that really enjoy it. I hope in the next year that will be a possibility for HAAS.

OTR: Name 2 dream collaborations you would have if you could?

HAAS: Okay since you guys love to make my brain spaz to pick between faves I will do this. One writing collab & one music collab: writing – Ryan Tedder , music – Jon Bellion (I’d also love to write with him)

OTR: Lastly, what message do you want to send to your fans and to those that are just

beginning to hear you for the first time? 

HAAS: WELCOME! We are so excited that you stumbled upon us, we are very thankful. Just want you to know that we appreciate all the love & support. You allow us to live out our dreams! We love ya xx

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“Love & Loss” EP