Chucky's Not Dead: The Man Who Brought Back The ‘Good Guy’

Oscar Rendon | October 16th, 2018


Chucky the killer doll has become one of horrors biggest and most recognizable franchises all across the world thanks to creator Don Mancini. He has become an icon all his own with one of the most recognizable looks in horror history. The rainbow shirt with blue overalls and the flashy red hair. After years of many different looks and iterations the doll we once feared is back thanks to sculptor and designer Erick Rivera. The dolls in the picture above are not props from a movie studio but Rivera’s handy work from Swirl World Studios. We got a chance to speak with Erick about his success and growing popularity as his work, especially with the ‘Good Guy’ doll has garnered well deserved attention.

“As a child I was introduced to sculpting in preschool. Through the years I did sculpting here and there but it was mostly sketching and drawing. I sketched realistic portraits of my teacher in the second grade. It wasn't until high school that I discovered my potential and really embraced it then. I transferred my skill of photorealism to sculpture which proved to be second nature to me.”

At first look, you can see that the dolls have a striking resemblance to the doll from Childs Play, Childs Play 2 and Childs Play 3. We were fascinated and curious as to why Erick was drawn to Chucky.


“Chucky scared me initially. I was so disturbed at the thought of one of my dolls coming to life and trying to kill me. There was also the creative part of me that was profoundly fascinated by his look. In a visual standpoint the design of the character was an inspiring piece of art. Chucky is very colorful and visually pleasing which is why he's so easily recognized around the world. Red hair, colorful clothes, blue piercing eyes. I grew to like the character and overcame my fear by drawing him to eventually rebuilding him.”

Not long ago, one of Erick’s first good guy dolls has been seen over a million times on YouTube and we asked him about it and how it feels to be the guy bringing back the original ‘Good Guy’.

“It's unbelievably flattering and at the same time it's not all new to me. Growing up in school every kid and teacher that knew me was because they liked my artwork. In retrospect its a similar feeling but amplified significantly. Its very gratifying to create something out of passion and personal entertainment and to have people really enjoy it and appreciate it.”

News broke out earlier this year that a Childs Play reboot was in the works with Aubrey Plaza and a first look at the new Chucky was revealed a few weeks ago. We asked Erick for his thoughts on the reboot.

“I think it will be interesting to see another interpretation of the character with a new creative perspective. It may benefit Chucky in more ways than previously thought. Chucky has become such an icon and so well known that this remake only proves he will be around for generations.”

Erick Rivera is quickly becoming a recognizable name with his art and you can follow his career on Facebook by searching for Swirl World Studios. His work will be featured in a fan/indie film and Erick hopes to be directing and producing his own work.