Aquaman & Wonder Woman First Looks


DC has been heavily rolling out first looks for their most highly anticipated DC Films coming out this year and next, Aquaman and Wonder Woman 1984. Aquaman is slated to release this December and is becoming one of 2018's most anticipating films, mostly due to the poor outing of Justice League (2017). Justice League left fans of the franchise less confident about future projects under the Warner Bros. banner after the critical and financial failing of the film. One of the standouts of the film was Jason Momoa's 'Arthur Curry' aka Aquaman. Fans loved his infectious energy and new take on the character who has been given some of comic book's most underwhelming suits and character growth. Entertainment Weekly released several photos from the Aquaman set that have had fans talking and excited. The photos above show snippets of Aquaman and many people are already happy about the choices director James Wan has chosen for his aquatic adventure. The first one is of Nicole Kidman holding a baby Arthur Curry possibly giving him up to his father. Another interesting photo that was released is of Mera and Arthur on land looking out with a map in hand. Could this be a hint as to what the tone and type of film Aquaman will be? 

Moving on, Gal Gadot released on her social media pages the first look at Diana Prince as Wonder Woman in costume in the 80's. There isn't much to tell or show other than the brighter suit and Gal's hair seems very 80's style. Much like the teaser photo for the film Diana is in a room, a gold room and she is looking on rocking a ROCK eyebrow raise. Last we saw Wonder Woman she was in the trenches with the rest of Justice League fighting off Steppenwolf, Gal earned a lot of the fans praise for the first Wonder Woman film and became one of the leaders for the franchise. Will this second solo outing be just as beneficial for getting the DC Team on track? The films plot is shrouded in mystery after photos of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor were released and the addition of Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. All of this content comes on the heels of Warner Bros. announcing 2 standalone Joker films, one with Jared Leto and the other with Joaquin Phoenix. 

Let us know, what do you think? Are you excited for Aquaman? What are your theories on the Wonder Woman 2 plot? Is having 2 separate Joker's for the big screen a good idea? Comment below.