Jared Leto returning as The Joker!

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Earlier today it was confirmed that Jared Leto will return as The Joker for a solo outing. After a glorified cameo as the character in 2016's Suicide Squad the Academy Award winner is returning to his most controversial role. Reports from "sources" say that Jared Leto was in character the entire time on the set of Suicide Squad (2016). Cast members would recieve 'gifts' from Leto as The Joker, we believe this was all a publicity stunt by the film and marketing to gain buzz for the film. Many of the stories were convoluted or greatly exaggerated that it made it unbelievable for such antics to take place on set. Whether the stories are true or not Warner Bros. is moving forward with the solo film and Jared Leto is already in. Leto is currently on tour with his band Thirty Seconds To Mars but the later part of the year see's the rocker with plenty of free time to begin filming on announced projects he's involved with. 

Comment below, are you excited for a feature film about the Clown Prince?