Bumblebee Trailer Has Heart

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The latest installment of the Transformers franchise just dropped a trailer for the solo outing of Bumblebee. Since the Michael Bay directed Transformers (2007) was released, fans of the franchise have always gravitated towards the lovable Bumblebee. Although the character of Bumblebee had a strong introduction in the first film he had subsequently gotten less and less significant as the franchise kept going using the yellow autobot for emotional scenes but no character growth.

In the first official teaser trailer released this week by Paramount, the Bumblebee trailer takes us back to the 80's with a retro origin story for Bumblebee. One question asked by fans of the Transformers films is how long had Bumblebee been on Earth since from the start of the first film we are shown that Bumblebee and a few other Decepticon's are already on Earth. In the latest installment Transformers: The Last Knight we get a quick history lesson on Bee from Anthony Hopkins character who tells us Bee had fought in World War II alongside the allies. Although the solo film won't be heading that far back it's interesting to see what director Travis Knight has in store for fans of the autobot. From the top if the trailer we get a brief voice over of the late great Bernie Mac (who had appeared in the first film). "Let me tell you something, a driver don't pick the car, the car pick the driver. It's mystical bond between man and machine." echoes over the first 30 seconds of the teaser trailer. We are introduced to Hailee Steinfeld who finds a yellow bug and takes it home. The car transforms and it is Bumblebee, who looks younger and scared. We get a few action shots of Bee running and being shot at but the whole trailer is centered on the bond between Hailee Steinfeld's character and Bumblebee. For a teaser trailer, it packs an emotional punch. From Bernie Mac's echoing voice, the song choice that plays out and ramps up in the background to the quick visuals we get. No other character speaks in the trailer but we get glimpses of what seems to be Starscream, and possibly a Sector 7 agent played by John Cena (still unknown). Already it has created a buzz in the film community of fans as a possible turning point for the franchise and even the franchise's first critical hit if it lands well with audiences and has what the trailer promises which is heart and a self contained story. 

Bumblebee (2018) has made it on our Most-Anticipated Film list for this year. Tell us, are you excited for this movie after watching the teaser trailer? Do you need a full trailer to make up your mind and do you think this solo film for Bumblebee will turn things around for the Transformers franchise? Comment below and let us know.