Superman No More?

Oscar Rendon | September 12th, 2018


News broke out earlier that Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill has reportedly left the DC Film franchise after talks of future appearances fell through. While nothing has been confirmed from Warner Bros. or Cavill himself, it seems that the studio has been having issues with stars leaving the franchise or even having uncertain futures in future installments. Just a few weeks ago Alec Baldwin was all but confirmed for a part in The Joker but soon announced he was not a part of the film. Ben Affleck was also one of the stars who’s future seemed unclear with news that his script for a solo Batman film were scraped and that he may not even return as the Batman. Jared Leto’s ‘Joker’ has also been a hot topic for debate as Joaquin Phoenix’s other Joker film has already been green-lit and Leto has not confirmed if he will return for Suicide Squad 2 or even a solo venture which was announced before Joaquin’s one-off film. Currently slated for DC is James Wan’s Aquaman hitting theaters this December and Shazam! next spring.

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