Who Will Lead The New AVENGERS?

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | April 29th, 2019


*Warning: Endgame spoilers in this article*

By now, if you’re reading this then it means you saw Avengers: Endgame and you among millions of other people including us wept like big babies as we said goodbye to some of our favorite OG Avengers. At the end of Endgame we saw Tony Stark make the sacrifice play and snap Thanos and his army to dust using the Infinity Stones at the cost of his own life. Tony’s death scene was quiet and tender, filled with emotion from those whose lives he touched. “You can rest now” said by Pepper Potts as Tony slowly faded without saying a word. Tony Stark may not have been the heart of the Avengers but he sure was the pillar, holding it in place, giving the team a foundation. As we said goodbye to Tony we also mourned the death of Black Widow/Natasha as she herself made her own sacrifice, giving up her life so that Clint Barton/Hawkeye could return to 2023 with the Soul Stone and help return the heroes dusted in Infinity War. Last but certainly not least Captain America himself, Steve Rogers. Although Steve did not die in the film he carried one last mission at the end, returning all Infinity Stones to the point in time in which they were taken. While Tony went from a self centered billionaire in the first Iron Man to a selfless father and mentor to all around him in Endgame, Steve went from selflessly being the hero the world, the universe needed to finally having his selfish moment of going back in time and having a long awaited dance with his girl Peggy Carter as he decided to remain the rest of his life with her. The moment/decision was hinted a minute or two before he left when Bucky looked at Steve and told him he’d miss him. Hinting that Bucky knew what Steve was going to do. An old Steve Rogers is sitting by the lake as Sam Wilson/Falcon walks to him, Steve passes the mantle and the shield of Captain America to Sam.

With Natasha & Tony dead, and Steve Rogers retired, who will lead the next Avengers team? We have our picks on who should lead the team.

  • Doctor Strange - Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange not only has a striking similarity to Tony Stark physically (beard bros) but has Captain Americas altruism as well. In Infinity War, Strange was unwavering in his protection of the Time Stone in the battle on TITAN. As Sorcerer Supreme, he not only protects earth, the galaxy, or the universe. He protects reality itself. Couple all that with his wit, charm and MAGIC! he could be the best candidate for leading the New Avengers.

  • Scarlet Witch - Wanda Maximoff aka The Scarlet Witch could be one of the more powerful Avengers in the current updated roster. Not only can she induce her enemies in elaborate and realistic illusions but she can go toe to toe with some of the universes biggest baddies. In Endgame when she returns she has Thanos on the ropes before being attacked by a cannon. Thanos having to resort to such tactic against her proves she is someone you don’t want to cross.

  • Thor - The “Strongest Avenger” according to himself, Thor would be the most logical leader to step up and lead the new Avengers. Not only is he a God but he has the power to summon lightning at his command. Also, he got a pretty cool weapon forged from a dying star, STORMBREAKER (we know, Rocket was right, it’s a bit much) a hybrid hammer and axe. Thor is one of the last remaining OG Avengers so it makes sense.

  • The Winter Soldier - Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier, although he wasn’t chosen as the next Captain America he is skilled in combat and strategy with his time in the military in the 1940’s. After the fact, he has had time to perfect every fighting style and use any weapon since being recruited as the Winter Soldier.

  • Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is new to the MCU but she has displayed her own wit and dynamic power set. Although, she may be preoccupied with protecting other worlds in the universe.

  • Spider-Man - Peter Parker aka Spider-Man was mentored by Tony and is essentially the future of the young heroes being introduced into the MCU.

With the death of Tony Stark/Iron Man and retirement of Steve Rogers it will be interesting to see which one or two people will step up to lead the Avengers in future adventures.