Stronger (Movie Review)


Stronger is the true story of Boston Marathon Bombing victim Jeff Bauman who lost both legs in the aftermath of the horrific event which took place April 15th, 2013. Stronger stars Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, and Miranda Richardson. 

Stronger follows the events after the Boston Marathon bombing and Jeff Baumans life after losing his legs. Right from the start of the film you get a feel for who Jeff is, a funny but wise-cracking friend. Gyllenhaal adds subtle layers to his performance, whether than trying to get you to like Bauman he does his best to make you understand Bauman. At times that reveals a selfish nature to the portrayal but it is that raw and real performance that makes you feel and connect to Bauman on a human level. Maslany as Erin Hurley really gives a memorable performance. The subtlety of her performance is in her eyes and the way the character is thinking inside. You can see all that on her face, without having to say a word you can see Erin thinking in her head and the emotions she keeps inside are festering and building up.   

The film is very quiet in a film full of loud characters like Jeff's friends and family. The film is full of heart, in an otherwise serious situation the humor in the film adds to the levity and real life emotions that Jeff goes through. Boston obviously plays a big part in the film, from Fenway park to the inspiring Boston Strong pride shown trough out several characters Jeff meets as he recovers. Overall the film is uplifting without falling back on film tropes about overcoming the odds, it takes it's time to build towards the end where the characters have settled in on who they are and doesn't necessarily give you a happy ending but an ending that will leave you satisfied when credits roll. 

The Grade