Dunkirk (Movie Review)


When 400,000 Men Couldn't Get Home. Home Came For Them.

Dunkirk is the story of 400,000 men trapped at Dunkirk, France surrounded by German forces. When they couldn't escape, brave men and women took to the sea to come rescue their fellow man. 

In this war drama, Christopher Nolan, director of The Prestige, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception takes you on a harrowing act of bravery and suspense like no other. From the start of the film to the end of the film it is non-stop heart pounding action and war. The storytelling in this film by Nolan is different from any other, without spoiling too much, the film's approach to the story is all derived from the aspect of WAR. No campfires where characters get to know each other and become best friends or exposition to ones background. This movie puts you right in the middle of things, simulating what it would actually look and feel like to be in such a high stakes situation.

The first character we follow is Tommy (played by Fionn Whitehead), a young English soldier trying to survive. We follow him as he tries his best to escape Dunkirk in many ways and that's where we meet "Gibson" played by Aneurin Barnard and Alex played by Harry Styles. The core group of 3 stories told within this film. The young men's portrayal of these characters is so real that you forget that this is a movie and you see the fear in their eyes. The fear that they might not make it out of Dunkirk alive. Fionn for the most part of the film is quiet and has to really act using his eyes and face to convey there horrors of war. 

The second story follows 3 civilians going out to sea and sail to Dunkirk to help rescue some of the men trapped. Mr. Dawson played by Mark Rylance, Peter his son played by Tom Glynn-Carney, and George played by Barry Keoghan. The three plot a course for Dunkirk where along the way they pick up a stranded soldier on a sinking boat played by Cillian Murphy (a regular in Nolan films). The sense of duty they feel to help out in any way and make a difference is where the heart of the film really lys. 

The third story follows spitfire pilots Collins played by Jack Lowden and Farrier played by Tom Hardy. Both men trying to help secure the air and allow the trapped men at Dunkirk to escape. Although with limited screen time you sense the urgency in both characters to help their fellow soldiers. Nolan truly captured the sense of fear, and helplessness that WAR truly brings out in desperate times. If you are going into this film looking to connect with characters then this isn't the movie for you, this film truly focuses on the war, on the battles and the fears of the men trapped at Dunkirk.

The Grade