Halloween (Movie Review)

Oscar Rendon | October 20th, 2018


Halloween (2018) stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Haluk Bilginer and Will Patton. After 40 years since the events of the original Halloween (1978), Michael Myers is back in Haddonfield and leaves a trail of blood in search for the only person to survive his killing spree.. Laurie Strode.


Let’s begin by saying that Halloween (2018) is a reinvigoration to the franchise that had been missing for decades since the original. The film was suspenseful again which some of the films had lost over the years and managed to make ‘The Shape’ Michael Myers scary again. Although the film revitalizes part of what made the original Halloween good it still carries some serious baggage from what has made horror movie unfavorable to critics which is the character development of the side characters or Michael’s kills. A lot of the minor characters when killed had no impact, as an audience member you’re left not caring about them or their deaths. Their deaths seem random, with no purpose and it breaks the usual horror tropes. There are kills that mean absolutely nothing and become your run of the mill horror/slasher film kills and then there is a kill or two that end up of either end of the spectrum. One kill you really feel for the character as one horror rule is broken and then there is another kill that lies somewhere in a comedy.


The Strode family is the core group of characters we follow and who’s development is written and portrayed well. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as the matriarch of the Strode family as Laurie Strode. Her portrayal of a victim suffering from trauma moves the story along as we get to know how Laurie dealt with the traumatic events from 1978. Her relationship with her daughter Karen played by Judy Greer is a tug of war between resentment and pity. The portrayal of the family is very generational as to who the Strode Family are, their lives plagued with paranoia from Laurie’s experience. Overall the film has it’s flaws with some underdeveloped characters who seem to only be in the film for an inconvenience to be later served in the film. Some kills are generic as they come and they don’t seem to find a way to integrate Michael into the story organically but by happenstance. One thing David Gordon Green got right was Michael Myers as ‘The Shape’/’The Boogeyman’. Michael Myers presentation as a whole was captured perfectly. The Strode women were also characters that were played beautifully by the actresses playing them. The movie brings back suspense and an erie feeling, we would highly recommend you see this film.

The Grade


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