The Predator (Movie Review)


Oscar Rendon | September 15th, 2018


The Predator is the 4th film in the Predators series (not counting the Alien vs. Predator sequels) and it stars Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Thomas Jane, and Yvonne Strahovski. When a Predator spaceship crash lands on earth, a group of military vets enter the hunt against The Predator and something even more menacing.


Going into a Predator film you expect a few things, good action and quality characters. If the first Predator is a template then The Predator borrows from it. For one thing, the film borrows the 1987 films theme (score) injected throughout the movie. While the film is shrouded in controversy it doesn’t escape some faults the movie has, for instance there is a whole middle section of the film that seems to be missing and we are suddenly put in a new scene asking ourselves how we got there. The film moves pretty quickly from the start and we are thrusted into the introductions of each character rapidly that we don’t get to really know them until halfway through the film. The main character Quinn McKenna played by Boyd Holbrook has the most character growth but not by much. His group of soldiers are all played for comedic effect with no one character that distinguished. Olivia Munn’s scientist role as Casey Bracket has little depth and is used as the bud of the joke for the soldiers. While there isn’t many things to say about the characters, the actual Predator itself is fun and does bring the qualities we’ve come to know like the cool aesthetic and gadgets he uses for his kills. Without spoiling much of the movie, the predator does play a small role in the film but serves an overall bigger picture by the end.


Overall, the film is fun popcorn action and if you aren’t too caught up in trying to figure out the plot it is enjoyable to watch. The characters do create a bond so it makes it easier to root for them but the story is lackluster and the introduction of the new bigger Predator is underwhelming and unnecessary. Poor direction and what seems like an incomplete film did not help this film at all, all the actors seemed like they were playing the same character which would be a writing issue. Olivia Munn was poorly used and Jacob Tremblay was shoe-horned in for a last ditch effort in creating an emotional connection to Holbrook’s character.

The Grade


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