Venom (Movie Review)


Oscar Rendon | October 10th, 2018


Venom is directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and stars Tom Hardy (Inception, Mad Max, The Dark Knight Rises and Dunkirk), Michelle Williams (Manchester By The Sea), Woody Harrelson, Jenny Slate, and Riz Ahmed. Venom follows the story of Eddie Brock when he comes in contact with the symbiote and becomes one comic-books most well known villains in Marvel history.

Venom is a film no one sees coming, it toes the line between what it wants to be. While Venom presents itself as the prototypical action film it quickly becomes Tom Hardy’s canvas to create a way out there character. The character of Eddie Brock before Venom is very direct and for 30 minutes of the film you forget it’s a Marvel film, then suddenly his character shifts and it becomes a comedy either by accident or purpose. Hardy’s acting is what keeps you in your seat as he makes it interesting and fun to watch as his personality changes when he is bonded with Venom. The back and forth dialogue between himself as Eddie and as Venom is what saves this film from what could possibly be a “turd in the wind”. Michelle Williams is also in this film, nothing memorable about her performance but she does have a memorable moment in the film that I will let you watch for yourself. The rising star of Riz Ahmed halts for a second as he is relegated to the bad guy with no motive. His character has ideas but no motive that really propels the story forward until it’s shoehorned during the third act.


While the A List talent were trying their best with what they were given, it seems Sony really had too many cooks in the kitchen with how the story is structured. Editing was choppy and seemed as though they left a huge piece of the film out that may have connected the second and third act. The CGI is good, but with a character like Venom especially in the action sequences with the other symbiote it was hard not to see the heavy CG. Overall, the film is fun and I encourage you to watch it if you have the chance. It’s very off the wall and the character of Venom is fun and even though it is not a direct pull from the comics it is still a fun iteration and new take on the character.

The Grade


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